We are a production company specialized in video production and communication, backed by highly experienced filmmakers with high knowledge in post-production.


We produce all kinds of videos in UHD and in all shooting conditions, land, air and water.


Our Post-production specialists are supported by high know-how and state-of-the-art equipment supporting up to 8K and 360º VR.

Live Streaming

We have state-of-the-art professional solutions for Live Streaming any event.

Digital Signage

We have dedicated and proprietary solutions for creating and maintaining digital billboards remotely.


We develop marketing projects and manage social networks.


We build solutions in order to increase the distribution and publishing of video contents.

We think Iberian

We build communication bridges in the Iberian Peninsula and throughout the world.

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At bood.be®, it´s not just about delivering great results. We also want you to have a pleasant experience throughout the entire process.

Contrary to what is the standard in the communication sector, we combine the services of a creative agency and a video production company,
optimizing costs and enhancing the final quality of the content.

We have improved over decades of experience and we designed our own method in order to produce high-quality projects.


Discovery - Concepting - Budgeting - Scriptwriting - Storyboarding - Casting - Location Scouting


bood.be® have all the technical resources for their productions. We own a variety of digital cinema camera packages, lighting equipment, sound gear, drones, 360º soluctions, etc...


Editing - Music - Motion Graphics & Animation - 3D - 2D - Color Correction - Locution - Sound Mix


Social Media Distribution, WEB and TV - Online Marketing Strategy - Distribution Guidelines - Platform Recommendations

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Some companies for which we have already made films.


Total of films produced and completed in the last 13 years by bood.be®



We produce aerial images and photos with quality up to 5.2K in RAW quality. We have cinema-quality drones that can be controlled by 2 operators simultaneously (pilot plus camera operator). Our trained pilots with many years of experience, hold an European Drone License, EASA certification. We are therefore enabled for all types of flights and for any purpose. We are members of APANT.


We have cameras and attached equipment that allows us to shoot 4K underwater, up to 60m deep. We can therefore do filming on land, air and water.


We have the capacity to produce 360º videos, from filming, production, post-production and distribution. Our platform’s video-player supports the reproduction of content in computers, mobile phones and tablets, as well as in 360º VR glasses. Player Example

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Our Headquarters are in Portugal, Spain

Post-production studios 1
Rua Doutor Jerónimo Pacheco
N. 66
4860-407 Cabeceiras de Basto
Phone PT: (+351) 707 507 407
Phone ES: (+34) 933 938 983
Email: email@bood.be
Skype : bood.be
OPORTO Office:
Business Development
Av. Marechal Gomes da Costa, 1551
4150-360 PORTO
LISBON Office:
Coming soon
VIGO Office:
Post-production studios 2
36202 VIGO

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