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bood.be® digital business strategies, Talented Creative Team, Minimalism Lovers

About Studio.

We are a small, highly productive team working remotely from many different parts of the world.
We are a studio that develops digital business strategies with the main focus on digital marketing solutions, the production of dedicated applications, the production and distribution of video content and more recently, the development of AI-based solutions.

We already produce more than 2.000 projects.
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We've been designing solutions for over 12 years.
Constantly evolving and researching
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Looking for digital services?

The process of designing solutions and the set of strategic and tactical activities, from the generation of the idea to its implementation / dissemination.
*Map: Digitally everywhere, physically here.

Some of our clients.

We have a great deal of experience with multinational clients from various sectors, but with a particular focus on the phytopharmaceutical and food industries.

Our Services.

bood.be® is divided into 3 business areas that complement each other as digital marketing tools and solutions. The Digital Marketing Strategies area, the area for producing multimedia, video and other content, and the software/application development area, which includes Digital Signage solutions.

Digital marketing strategies

We offer customized digital marketing tools from content development to software / APPs to data analysis. With a focus on results, we increase online visibility and maximize ROI.

Content production

We produce all kinds of video and audio content for promoting products, services, training or institutional purposes.

Software/app development

We develop web applications, api for automation solutions, mobile apps, digital signage and other platforms.

Research and development

We develop automation, robotics and IoT solutions, solutions that offer the capabilities provided by Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality applications with 360º video.

Video production and FX post-production

We specialize in video post-production and special effects. We have decades of experience in the development of video communication and its distribution.

Digital Signage

We have more than 100 mupis installed throughout the Iberian Peninsula and islands with videos and software developed by bood.be®.

Customised solutions

At bood.be® does not use third services to implement its solutions / proposals.
We always invest in after-sales service and customer support.


Contact Us.

We will always be available to work in partnership with you to find the best solutions to your problems.

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(+351) 707 507 407
(+34) 93 393 89 83


Quinta da Barca
Rua N. Sra. Guadalupe, 113
4740-473 Esposende