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Trust and predictability are fundamental.

Our Services

We provide the best development solutions.

The power of ideas and ingenuity
helps us to solve complex
problems and find solutions.

Digital marketing strategies

We offer customized digital marketing tools from content development to software / APPs to data analysis. With a focus on results, we increase online visibility and maximize ROI.

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Content production

We produce all kinds of video and audio content for promoting products, services, training or institutional purposes.

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Software/app development

We develop web applications, api for automation solutions, mobile apps, digital signage and other platforms.

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Research and development

We develop automation, robotics and IoT solutions, solutions that offer the capabilities provided by Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality applications with 360º video.

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Video production and FX post-production

We specialize in video post-production and special effects. We have decades of experience in the development of video communication and its distribution.

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Digital Signage

We have more than 100 mupis installed throughout the Iberian Peninsula and islands with videos and software developed by bood.be®.

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Primary Benefits

Why choose bood.be®?


We constantly develop and research new technologies to make them available in our solutions.


The team ranges from systems analysts to film directors with extensive experience in marketing and advertising.


Our main premise is trust and guaranteeing customer satisfaction with the services we provide.

The power of the will to solve problems helps us develop complex solutions and cultivate the seeds for new approaches.