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About Us

Crafting immersive digital journeys for brands.

Our Story.

bood.be® was born as an alternative project to a television production company, whose common partner was Nuno J Dias, founder of Arkeion and bood.be. The initial project was to solve marketing problems by developing alternative and differentiating solutions in video, software, digital signage and other solutions to support the dissemination of content and digital support for the marketing and commercial areas.

We already produce more than 2.000 projects.
Image Description
Image Description
We've been designing solutions for over 12 years.
Established in 2009
Constantly evolving and researching

Our Team.

We are a small, highly productive team, working remotely from many different parts of the world.
We rely on partners and highly knowledgeable collaborators around the world who complement and add value to the solutions we provide our clients. We always have the core of the solutions implemented at bood.be, so that we can offer the permanent guarantee of high-quality assistance.

The power of experience and knowledge helps us solve complex problems and create business solutions.